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Conexiones: Connections in Spanish Colonial Art

Image of Conexiones: Connections in Spanish Colonial Art


Hardcover with jacket
Dimensions: 9.5 x 11.5 x .75 inches
Color with photographs, 176 pages
Published by the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, 2002
First Edition

The Spanish Colonial Art legacy is rooted in the histories of many diverse people, places, and points in time. From the motherland of Spain, to modern-day Latin America and New Mexico, to other locations worldwide, the cultural and artistic traditions of countless artists and everyday individuals have for centuries been expressed through a variety of age-old art forms and utilitarian objects. Their collective inspiration and innovation have converged to create a truly global artistic heritage.

"Conexiones: Connections in Spanish Colonial Art" illustrates this heritage with selections from the 3,000 object collections at the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This extraordinary assortment of objects presented here, along with their illuminating histories, reaches across space and time to celebrate the qualities that characterize the Spanish Colonial art aesthetic: sophistication, resourcefulness, elegant simplicity, skilled craftsmanship. Through these masterworks, we glimpse the daily lives of the unique Hispano cultures that thrive around the world today, including in New Mexico, where Spanish settlers established roots decades before the more celebrated arrival of the English at Jamestown and Plymouth Rock. The books intriguing selection of objects from non-colonial countries also reveals the universality of artistic subjects and styles.

"Conexiones" gives new insight into the vitality of the Spanish Colonial art tradition as a connector of cultures worldwide. The book argues for the relevance of Spanish Colonial art as both a powerful document of the past and a living tradition in the modern age. By placing the lasting visions and values of yesterday within the context of today, we see the soul of an artistic tradition for all time.